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              2. Internet Of Things

                Intellectual decision with the Internet of Things (IoT) from SBR

                Are you all in readiness for IoT? If not enhance your business aptitude by automating varied processes and increasing your ROI by making use of tailored IoT application. With the rapid increase in smart, connected & internet-enabled devices, organizations are looking ahead to drive in the latest hardware's & software's into the world.

                We are a 10 year old company completely into web & Software development. Our company has a legacy of adopting latest technological progression. As an IoT service provider, we have had a fair bit of success and we hope to do well with this technology in the days to come.

                Internet Of Things

                What really makes us the differentiator?

                Internet of Things

                As a professional IoT technology provider, we offer our client end-to-end IoT solutions. We have a straight forward approach and we ensure that we put the best foot forward. Right from concept to design, development, data engineering, backend services, analytics and so are all curated by us. We also take care of mobile applications that often control these devices.

                We have an extensive portfolio when it comes IoT application and we are proud of our achievements. Be it connectivity solutions or any embedded task we do it all for you. We are supporting enterprises that are moving ahead right till the edge so that they grab hold of more & more data’s.

                With SBR as your technology partner, you can seek advantage from our wide range of solutions and tools that can facilitate more optimal decision. We make sure of contemplating operational advancements along with industry-defining disruption.

                We make it transparent for businesses to manage operational efficiency and setting up the entire process. We provide transparent visibility over departments by integrating IoT apps & along with mobile devices and physical all into a hyper-connected ecosystem that is built around the end-users. The clients get complete support from our professionals when the configurations of the connected devices are to be done.

                We manage IoT system on-site and also through the remote approach. The entire modus-operandi is performed by analysing sensor data by making use of BI tools and finally presents it through interactive dashboards. Our proven IoT architecture along with bold strategies is all designed that allows you to get hold of the tools to create and learn right from today.

                The evolution of IoT is creating the latest opportunities to automate manual labours. It is also capable of tracking & monitoring both fixed and moving assets. IoT is also responsible for tracking real-time data and the results are positive and business-driven. Through this innovative approach, the cost is decreased and the standard of revenue also increases.

                Smart Home

                Smart Home

                Smart heating & smart gardening - Through smart heating, a user gets notified when they could potentially make use of less heating. These notifications through a smart heating system bring lots & lots of savings in the residential property.

                Similarly, IoT sensors allow the smart gardening system that not only saves time but you can save on manual labour as well. The remote-controlled sprinkler system and robotic lawn movers are indeed the latest innovation that perfectly helps property owners.

                Video Doorbells & Personal assistance - Users can receive video calls right from the doorbell. The users can unlock and allow access to their home remotely from smartphones apps. As the world becomes connected & automated, the remaining data available for harvesting through personal assistance has grown inexplicability.

                Smart Healthcare

                Smart Healthcare

                Remote patient monitoring - Through the mechanism of IoT patients, real-time data and health details can be derived and transported to healthcare professionals. The entire approach is possible without human interference and the data's can be achieved in a quick period.

                Patient assistance & Safety solution - Through automated clinical flows improve & improvises the treatment of the patient and decreases manual error. It enhances the experience of the patient and doctors can proceed towards betterment. Through IoT app one helps to transfer the way doctors, patient & vendors collaborate and create a better treatment plan and enhance healthcare management.



                Fleet management along with monitoring - The onboard sensors allows you to collect on-road information about the vehicle. You can also get in details about driver's behaviour and his whereabouts. This indeed is an innovation that ideally allows tracking anything & anywhere.

                Remote vehicle diagnostics & Vehicle tracking - Through remote diagnostic one can remotely control mechanical stats and the entire comfort settings and of course entertainment consoles. The hardware along with the software's can be controlled with ease and one can get real-time insight on vehicle movement.

                Retail Sector

                Retail Sector

                Retail Supply Chain & Smart selves - One can achieve competitive advantage & magnify the rate of profits in the retail supply chain by optimizing customer retail knowledge. Through smart selves, one can avail real-time visibility of stock levels and also determine the shelf life of perishable goods

                Delivery operation & warehousing automation - We can re-draw point to point delivery mechanism with the help of smart sensors that decreases carriage distance, delivery span. It also improves & improvises fuel efficiency

                Warehouse automation - Building automated warehouses that utilize key data from embedded sensors in equipment and bins. It optimises entire stock movement & stock assembly.

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