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              2. Privacy Statement

                Effective Date: January 1, 2020
                Revised: February 1, 2021

                We understand that your privacy matters the most & all the respective data that you share with us are significant for you. Our organisation respects the privacy of data and we ensure that all information received will be persevered accordingly.

                In this page, you will get complete information about our policies. These guiding principles are relating to collection, usage & disclosure of personal data as you see our services and the choices you set forth with the associated data.

                We make use of the respective data to improve & improvise the service. By using our service you are agreeing to our policies define in our “terms & conditions”

                Intellectual copyright-

                All the contents that are displayed on http://www.busibx.com/ are protected by copyright and related intellectual property laws. You will not be allowed to modify, distribute or repost any of our contents on the website.

                Your Consent-

                By making use of our site you agree to our terms & conditions. As you submit information through this site you are approving us as your service provider.

                Active information & collection-

                Like numerous websites, this site collects information from its visitors randomly and allows you to communicate with us directly through email & other feedback forms. Some information that you submit might be personally identifiable. Few areas in the website might you top submit key information so that you can drive in advantages from a few specified characteristics (newsletters, subscriptions, order processing, submitting a resume). You will receive information from us whenever we extract any information that is required for seamless transfers.

                How we protect Your data-

                SBR gives importance towards personal data and we protect all your data which is following the particular laws & data privacy policy. We maintain the corrective technical and valued measures to protect all personal data from apprehensive circumstances or unlawful processing.


                We take necessary responsible steps to protect all your personal information from your computer to our website and protect all information from misuse or loss. However, there is no guarantee and 100% security of data transmission over the internet. All we can say, once we receive all the information we will put the best foot forward to ensure security on your system.

                Retention of Data

                Our company will retain your data as long as it is necessary to comply with our legal obligations. We will resolve all disputes within the give time frame & enforce our legal agreements and policies.

                Transfer of data-

                If you are located outside of India and choose to provide information to us, please keep it in mind that we transfer the data including that of personal data to India & process it over there. Your consent to this policy followed by submission of such key information represents the agreement to that transfer. We will take all key measures to ensure that all given data are treated in a secured manner.

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